Toddler Beds For Boys & Girls

We found a solution to that, but come on, a big company like Little Tikes Toddler Bed should really pay attention to such flaws. Our simple solution was to cut and inch or so with a grinder, so it shortened one of the mattress platforms, and they would fit in nicely.

The newer versions of this car run about $120 online…which is a WALLOP of a price tag when it comes to plastic. But I do understand why…the push rod handle adjusts to a longer length so that both kids can play with it and adults can push their little one around without becoming the hunchback. It also has buttons that really make noise (like a little radio and blinkers) plus a pull-out basket on the bottom for the little ones to rest their feet (and not entangle them in the wheels or get caught pushed back underneath the car itself when you are pushing). And you are also paying for the Radio Flyer brand name.

NOTE:  This bed is designed to sit longways against a wall in your little ones room. Therefor there are only details on one side. HOWEVER, if you need graphics on both sides of the bed, we can do that for $200 more. We will need to leave an opening on one side of the bed to enter the bed. Thus, we cannot do a bat symbol on both sides. Details on both sides would entail everything you see, with the exception of the bat symbol on the toddler bed for sale

What this bed excels in, is it's practical, space-saving formation. You can push drawers, desks or boxes to any of it's sides, because they're plain surfaces. Another thing to mention here is that it's also made in a compact size. It can fit in any child's bedroom, even in smaller ones with minimal space. What we most loved about it's practical usage is that it's supplied with a built-in storage compartment. Putting away the clothes going to cause no problem.

The tree house is made from authentic wooden slats, and designed with a true tree house look and feel. Kids can climb up a simple and safe ladder to enter into the tree house” which is big enough for a standard twin mattress inside. The under bed area can also be decorated as a play area to enhance the tree house theme, or can be used as a neat and convenient storage area for books, toys, and even clothes

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